What are the PSJA Academies?

PSJA ISD students from any district high school are eligible to apply to be part of the PSJA Academies.

The PSJA Academies, provide additional hands-on learning in various specific fields of study supporting students as they work to obtain a Certificate or an Associate Degree from South Texas College. Through a cohort approach, students build positive relationships, receive rigorous instruction; as well as receive academic, emotional and social support to successfully complete the coursework.

Students enrolled in the PSJA Academies continue to attend their home high school. They travel to the Academies' site only for designated hours for academy coursework.

Who can participate?

Students from all PSJA ISD High Schools in grades 11th & 12th. Interested students must apply their 10th grade year.

What is the difference between PSJA CTE Pathways and PSJA Academies?

Career & Technical Education Pathways are aimed at providing students with certificates in 13 areas of study, and are a great foundation for students to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of their choice.

PSJA Academies take it a step further by providing a cohort level approach to complete industry level certificates parallel to college certificates, or up to an Associate Degree prior to high school graduation. These Academies are made possible through a partnership with South Texas College.

If you have any questions, please call (956) 354-2044.

Fields of Study Available - Fall 2023

2School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Biology Academy◊
Computer Science Academy◊
Mathematics Academy◊
3School of Business & Industry
Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Academy* (Senior Level Only)
Business Administration Academy◊
Culinary Arts Academy*
Electrician Assistant Technology Academy*
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration (HVAC) Technology Academy*
Welding Technology Academy* (Senior Level Only)
4School of Public & Health Services
Criminal Justice Academy◊
Education Academy◊
Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) Academy* (Senior Level Only)
5School of Arts & Humanities
Graphic Arts Academy◊


Associate Degree of Arts/ScienceDesigned for students who plan to continue to a 4-year university upon graduation
*College Certificate Stackable CredentialStudents are able to apply their completed credits toward an Associate of Applied Science Degree at South Texas College


PSJA Academies Location:
704 W. Ridge. San Juan, Texas 78589

PSJA's College Readiness Department at (956) 354-2044 or email jessica.salinas2@psjaisd.us

When should my child apply?

Students must apply their 10th grade year. The PSJA Academies are for 11th & 12th grade students.

Does my child have to leave his home high school to participate?

No. PSJA students will continue to attend their home high school and will only travel to the Academies' sites for designated hours and academy coursework.

What are some of the services provided if my child is enrolled in the Academies?

Students enrolled in the Academies will have additional hands-on learning in the field of study of their choice. Students enrolled will also be part of: College Tours, Learning Labs & Workshops, Learn from Guest Speakers, will receive assistance as they Transition to the University and more...

Will transportation to the PSJA Academies be available?

Yes. Transportation to and from home high school campus will be provided for all students attending the PSJA Academies.

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